Friday, 10 April 2015

Things I found out on my own

Sing or make art for your Guru- not for people to like you. Everyone will love it.

Soda-starch-sea salt-local oil-tea tree/mint/geranium/ levand oil. All you need to make deodorant/tooth powder-body and face cream, face mask, antibacterial remedy, massage oil. Get rid of the anti age creams- they dont work.  

Dont speak to peoples egos. Waste of time.

(Cartoon by Eridani)

Not using soap keeps skin cleaner and healthier. Just scrub with natural sponge and finish always with cold water.

What you meet is what you need. Until you learn to love. 

Then you meet what you want.

When your parents dont make you angry anymore- you got rid of your traumas

When you suffer without complaining , you burn Karma 

Vitamins and protein are a myth. Variety in food is a trick so we can spent half of our time to the supermarkets. Eat what is local and in season and stop before you feel full. 

When you practice concentration every day whether you are busy, sad, happy, or angry then you can call it meditation.

Balance the two opposites is the secret to life

Gods dont mind if we want to be Gods as well

Remember the last time when you were in love: this is the way you should treat everyone.

mosquitoes are in the planet to train our pratyahara 

Jesus doesnt mind if we worship Ganesh as well. But people do mind. 

God is Everywhere- not only where you like 

When you dont love, you see what you are or what you are not.. Only when you love, you can see the truth.

The food that is good for you is the one that makes you feel nice after you eat it (oh yes so simple!)

Eat only what smells nice, otherwise you will smell like that the third day (Whether you know it or not).

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