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Polarity, Life and the Middle Path by Eliana Anatolidou

On some things in life it is easy for us to understand how polarity is present but what is of a more subtle nature and usually eludes us, is the way it works within us, on us and on the progress of our life. We can all see and understand that our life is full of opposites from the time we are born. The very beginning of our life with our birth marks one end of a polarity situation and our death another. Every day and every night we experience the presence of opposites. Light and darkness, hot and cold, up and down, in and out, our life is full of it and we have come to know vaguely of good and bad and male and female energies. What I have found difficult to understand is the interaction we, as individual human beings have with these opposing forces and the effect this has on our life energies. 
If someone wants to simplify the situation he/she can easily say that basically we live experiencing pleasantness and unpleasantness in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. So in fact, for most of our lives we shift from the nice and pleasant to the not so nice and unpleasant with various degrees and intensities depending on what our life energies and karma attract. We long and strive for most if not all our life to achieve a state of well being at all three levels, in the physical, in the mental and in the emotional. We want our surroundings to be pleasant, our house, our jobs, our comforts and that, we call success. And yet for most people this success on a physical level is not ever enough and they strive for more pleasantness. On a mental level again it depends where your consciousness vibrates but the tendency is that man wants to experience goodness on this level too by having a serene state of mind and not being troubled with thoughts. It has been proven that it is much more difficult to achieve this on a mental level. For most people it is usually more difficult to achieve pleasantness on the mental level than the physical. The same applies to the emotional state too. People nowadays are very troubled in their relationships and love affairs. The very thing they long for escapes them continuously. One love affair fails after another in the western world and people are puzzled and left helpless. So they experience a continuous state of alternate polarity of feelings and thoughts.
What is vital for us to understand here is that it is not so much a matter of achieving a certain state of consciousness and remaining there. For most people it is very difficult to remain centred and unaffected throughout their life despite of what goes on. People with awareness can do it most of the time and they are tested hard. In some ways I would say that perhaps the more awareness you have, the harder the tests. However, even so, they go through the same process which to me is the human process of polarity in order to balance and reach the state of shoushoumna. I do not see any other way of dealing with life, of learning life, of experiencing it. This is the way it works and this is the way people learn and become aware and the funny thing is that they seem to be happening in opposite ways but one includes the other and they all include themselves in our life energies. I have this picture in my mind of the two snakes intertwining and climbing along the spine. They cross each other, then they go out separately and then they meet again, on and on, along the chakras to the top. And this process is continuous and never ending until the day we die. We have the Ida and Pingdala moving on their own and then when they meet we are in shoushoumna and we can have our revelations and understandings of what goes on in our lives but there is no way we could understand or see anything if the two forces did not work separately to begin with. This is the way life works here. We have one situation, then the opposite of it and at some stage the elements of one blend with the elements of the other, if we allow it and we then reap the benefits of the experience. This only happens if our energies are such that they allow the blending and the flow of energy in our chakras. If we do not, then we will suffer and oscillate from one end to the other, from one extremity to the next without any real benefit and just suffering in the samksara. In this situation, we do not gain and we do not evolve. Life does not happen for us but life happens at us. We have to have control of our asana and attitude towards life and act to the situations around us, rather than react.
One fundamental truth that people need to understand is that in this journey we are here to expand as conscious beings and gain from the experience. There is a fundamental and basic pattern in our physical, mental and psychological make- up that makes us want new things all the time. We set new goals. We attain one goal, we rest for a bit, and then another and then another. This is because there is a tendency, an innate life force that pushes us outwards, onwards and forwards. And this happens in these specific tendencies of polarity that exist in our dimension. This is the type of field we play in. So, we tend to move and expand through a world of opposites and we attain awareness and actualization when the experience of the two opposites in our conscious state blend and we reach the middle path of shoushoumna.  Then, the light is allowed to set in, and we have the revelation and with it the elevation.
Unconditional love is something that has been talked about a lot lately and we are told that although we are beings that experience life in this state of polarity, we should transcend ourselves and love unconditionally without any expectations and wants. This puzzles me a lot and I must admit I am far away from achieving this state of awareness. I have studied myself and seen that my consciousness is not there. In love affairs it has not happened but even in the most innocent type of love that a mother has for a child, even there, we do not love unconditionally. Or we could but still there are conditions. Say, your child is involved in bad habits. Are you to love unconditionally and remain action less like Pontius Pilates? If you know the action is wrong and do nothing, you are contributing to the crime and are guilty of ahimsa. It is seriously a fine line that you have to watch. You love, yes and because you love you guide and direct your child because you also have responsibility towards him/her. So the two forces again cross in the middle path where ahimsa cross and meets asteya and because the balance is there, each one counter balances the other out and you are in the right place where truth lies. It is therefore evident that even higher instincts as unconditional love exist under conditions of polarity.  I strongly believe that the higher instincts of truth, of the good state of things, of how things should be, is found in the shoushoumna, in the middle path. But the actions that precede this state were Ida and Pigdala. Of course you have to push and pull when you fight and direct a situation say with a member of the family and all these forces are going on within you and this is how you experience this piece of life. Your actions, reactions and the way you direct your energy will come and create a situation (a bit like making a cake), and this new situation will give you a feeling, a state of being that will tell you if the actions are right or wrong. And it is a continuous and very finite business that you have to always be aware of because it changes continuously. But this is what life is all about. A continuous change, a continuous flow of energy in which we float, mingling with the energies of other human beings creating dreams and situations to which we react and over-react in order to come and settle down and grow and understand. No growth exists otherwise. Polarity brings the growth. As for unconditional love, there are times where there are conditions. There are conditions, because there are actions and reactions. It is as if these conditions are a prerequisite before one reaches the expected state of purity and dignity that the middle path requires. If there is no respect in a certain relationship, love is not pure anyway. These higher states of instincts such as love and respect and truth all exist together in a particular state of consciousness that is true of the middle path. In order for them to appear in our consciousness and become part of our state we have to achieve and reach this level. But this level can only be reached when the two opposites subside, quietened down and disappear, when there is no more friction and opposition. So there are conditions, certain conditions that will allow the unconditional to exist.  What is funny is that the feeling of love, this perfect unconditional love that a mother has for a child is lurking and is present underneath the two forces of Ida and Pingdala in the sense that even if you are angry and disapprove of the their actions the base of infinite love, is there and it will not go away. It is like it is the carpet that is underneath and on which you let the forces and conditions work for the best.  For the good which comes in such proportions that blends and brings everything to the shoushoumna. So unconditional is there, it is just that it contains conditions. How more appropriate can it get, in this dimension? We have these two forces with which we work and live.
In a mother-child love, these forces are more subtle because the bondage is strong and one needs to be very aware. In a love relationship of a romantic nature the two forces play more clearly. They play on two levels. You and the other person is one level because you act in the coming together as two opposing forces and want to mingle, join, and become one. So the life energies are there in all the majesty. Two people who want to come together represent the Ida and the Pingdala forces in that one is the male and the other is the female force. The fundamental need to expand is there in both living things and that is why there is this force that is pulling them together. Whether is physical, mental or emotional they stand to gain in expansion. On another level, these forces of polarity play and work within each person. Each person has their own two forces that pull them individually with their issues and matters that their aura contains. So in fact in a love affair we have the two forces of polarity in a macro-cosmos between the two lovers and in the micro-cosmos within each person. Different levels of living existence which show us once again this is the way life works here. I think this is the blueprint, the pattern on this planet, this is our DNA.  
 We have often thought of the skies as having the salvation of the soul. We look up. We know of down, we live inside and we look outside. This is clear polarity of opposites. However the two opposites meet really. The two edges meet and become the same. There is a point of infinity from which everything starts and finishes. From which everything is projected. And when in a state of shoushoumna we can see that the up and the down the in and the out are all the same. At the point when you realise it, the dimensions blend and you find it difficult to distinguish between the up and down, the in and the out. It is then that you see that there is a point in you, in your consciousness. Your consciousness experiences and projects all the things you see around you. You live your world in your energetic field and in this field all the polarity of your world exists. There in this circle you experience your life, your ins and outs, your ups and downs. Whatever you see out is whatever already  exists and it manifests itself. It manifests itself purely because it is there. There is no other way of manifestation. Whatever is there is reflected everywhere. So everywhere is nowhere and here is there and nowhere. Be aware that you are unaware. Polarity is there so that you can reach no point and when you are at this no point you can see the polarity but you do not live it. You watch from a distance. You observe the part of you that is you, that is part of this existence, at this dimension, at this time, at this level of consciousness.

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