Love - Korina Kontaxaki


To lose yourself in another
And feel your flesh decompose inside them

To be absorbed into something without proof of its existence
And experience the bliss of assimilation.

To surrender your soul to an idea
Without promise of success

To release yourself from the restraints of time
Without knowing if you have enough

To become the feeling you are experiencing now
Free from the fear that you will never relive this moment

To embrace the darkness, hysterically,
With gratitude - because it exposes the light

To sacrifice memories, desires, achievements
Without knowing if you will ever regain them

To be dedicated to that which keeps the heart open
Even if the material does not benefit from this.

To worship without limits
Until the senses and the body diminish

To disappear into nothingness
And feel the void like a boundless fulfillment

To be assimilated into Oneness
To such an extent that you forget to notice it.

To submit to sacrifice with the utmost ease
Resulting in intense satisfaction

To offer without discernment, absolutely, everywhere
And to feel the exchange with the Creation, directly

To revere every being
Without concern for superiority

To die, here and now, within the Eternal Light,
Without knowing whether this is God or the devil.

To exhale for the last time
With the name of Love,
Because it has defeated fear, egoism, doubt.
And become “That”.


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