Anahat - Let it Come Through the Heart by Maria Hatzistilli

2000 years ago three powerful and wise men looked up to the sky and saw a star. Guided by its bright light, they followed their destiny in complete faith that that was their fade. On their way, they came across a king that lured them into doing what he wanted. He did not want them to reach their destiny, to complete that journey (Ego). But somehow they saw his true face and were not deceived ( consciousness) They went on their way, always looking up to the star that shined bright. They arrived at a cave, illuminating by the star’s light. And kneeled. Humbled. Amazed. One by one they offered their gifts (devotion).And the angels sang in sounds of joy. They devoted themselves to a higher purpose. There. In the illuminating cage. There. Where the incarnation of love laid in a crib.There. Where their power, faith and devotion found their purpose. There. In the center of the heart..

Let it come through the heart,
and power becomes strength.
Let it come through the heart,
and knowledge becomes wisdom.
Let it come through the heart,
and doubt becomes faith.

Let it come through the heart,
and your mask shall dissolve
As the star shines bright, 
the truth will unfold.
Let it come through the heart.
Then surrender it to God!”

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