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God instincts in our daily life By Elena Kambanella

I would like to write about God instincts and how can we apply them in our daily life. First of all we have to be aware, in order to understand from where those instincts are coming. Is it from our ego or from our soul? Because if there coming from our ego then we will not be satisfied. But if is our soul expression then we will be truly happy.

What is God Instincts? We have 8 God Instincts which are, Love, Gratitude, Truth, Sacrifice, Simplicity, Forgiveness, Detachment, Iswara Pranitara.
Those virtues/qualities, when we spontaneously follow them, help us to burn our karma. It has to coming out from our whole being, in order to burn karma. When we make an action with an intention behind it, we won’t burn any karma. Do not force them let them come naturally and welcome them those instincts.

But how can we spontaneously follow them? Soul act spontaneously and ego act with intention. The ego have a lot of masks and you make it real by believing it. That is why we have to be aware in order to be able to separate what comes from the ego and what from soul. Ego is the absence of the knowledge of our Self. The moment you know yourself the ego is not there. Try to see where the ego is. Look deep into it and try to locate it, where it exist, whether it exist at all or not. But don’t be against it because ego is your experience and your whole life moves around it. Don’t fight it just retrain it.
Our aim is to burn as much karma as we can and stay empty. Following them we are applying active karma. Active karma is when we do an action that we don’t have to do it. Is to be addicted to the action, not to the result.  

1 ~ LOVE
The first Got instinct is love. To experience the true love or the divine love, is to awaken from the illusion of separateness. If we choose to follow this path we have to be able to realize that we are all one. Space and time is only an illusion of the mind and we have to go beyond the limitation of the mind to see that. We all come from one source. You and me we are coming from the same source. Aware of this so we can be loving and kindness in our everyday life with others. Not only with our intention but with actions also. We have to move from the desire of making someone happy, to the ability to bring joy and happiness to the other person. Because our way of life is hard and rush, is good to be aware not to violate asteya and ahimsa. Be loving and kind, without still others responsibilities and be able to give happiness and joy without make the other person suffer.
In order to be able to give happiness and joy to others is to find the essence in everyone. Is to be able to look deep into the other person. See beyond the body, the name and all those labels. See deeply and understand. Understanding is the essence of love. Without understanding love is an impossible thing. What must we do in order to understand a person? We must have time and keep practicing in looking deeply into this person. We must be there, attentive and we must to observe. See the light in the other person and understand them and then we will be able to understand that we are the same, we are one, it is just an illusion that we are separate.
And how can we recognize if our love coming from our soul instead from our ego? When we love from our ego then there is no joy in it. If there is no joy in love then there is no true love. If you are suffering all the time you make people around you suffer also. This love is coming from the ego. The ego have expectation and needs but when those needs are satisfied then it wants more and more.
For example, a woman is cooking food and she expects from her husband to make a compliment to her. If her husband doesn’t make the compliment her ego is disappointed. If the husband make the compliment her ego wants a better compliment and so she is disappointed again. Her action has an intention behind it that is why she is suffering. She focus to the result and she missed the whole process. But if her love is coming from her soul, then she will be focus on the cooking, not to the result, and she would enjoy it. She would be already happy by her offering. So wouldn’t expecting something else to make her happy because she would be already happy.
Those expectations that we have are based on kleshas, vasana and samskara. When we stop feting them, then we will be able to settle down our ego. We have to get rid of all this programings in order to be free. When we will be free, we will be able to love from our soul. In order to accomplish this, first we must find all the barriers we have against to ourselves and remove all those layers. After this we will be able to love in such a way that the other person that we love feels free, not only outside but also inside. An intelligent question for testing out whether our love is coming through our souls is “Dear one, do you have enough space in your heart and all around you?”
Our action could be simple action. We can sit on a bench and smiling, especially to the old people, they smile back. At list for a second they smile. We can be loving and kind, understanding, joyful and free only from one smile.
When we feel this love, we must not keep it for ourselves, because this is again ego. Ego is the one who wants to keeps things, not the soul. We have to surrender this love to something higher than us.

Gratitude is the second Got instinct. Stop whatever you are doing or you are thinking. Just stop, look around and you will find many reasons to be gratitude and thankful. Bring your awareness to the present so you can tune into the frequency of gratitude. Be grateful to the sun, which every day is rise up, healing you and giving life. Be grateful for the trees, the water that keeps you clean, smell a flower, feel the wind, the fire that warms you, for your body that can moves you wherever you wish. The earth, the moon the whole universe. Even if you had a bad day, be thankful for the lesson you get. Feel gratitude for your beloved ones. There is a reason behind every moment to be grateful.
Gratitude is an experience and is important to gratitude with responsibility. When we experience gratitude the positive in our lives is highlighted and the negative transforms into lessons and growth. Do something about it, don’t just feel it. Thinking and doing must be harmoniously blended together for an efficient life. Make actions. Take the responsibility and ground it. We are leaving in a material world, which we have to materialize things.
Maybe with a hug or a mudra or pray. Fully present with a heart full of love and be grateful of all you have. Fully present is when you are in peace with your life us it is right now.
Act, ground it. Be careful not to steal from others the opportunity to ground their own gratitude. Take the compliment, the money, the hug, the kiss and allow others to ground it. Dwell in the present moment and feel the gratitude and through your action, your body, mind and spirit will be in harmony.
Do not keep this great feeling for yourself. It is not yours to keep it. It’s a Got instinct. Give/offer it to something higher than you. If you want to keep it for yourself that’s mean that is your ego. Offering this gratefulness to something higher is from your soul.
And how can we recognize if our gratitude coming from our soul instead from our ego? The ego doesn’t care about gratitude. As long as it takes. What the ego wants is to gain something or to move to something else. Hug don’t straggle and pray don’t beg. The soul is the one that is responsible about gratitude. Stop and feel your soul. Chase that moment of gratitude and make a stop there.

Truth is the atman-self. Atman is the self, the eternal center of consciousness, which has never born and never dies. The realization of that, in direct experience, is the goal of all spiritual practices. Truth is the God inside us. We have been looking outside for the truth instead of inside.
To find our self we have to let go all the things that are covering our atman, such as kleshas, vasana and samskara. We have to let go of everything, our likes and dislikes, the good and bad, our ambitions, our desires, our comforts and all those barriers within ourselves in order to find our true self. But how can we let go all those curtains? One way to accomplish is to embrace aparigraha. In other worlds, to have only what we use. To begin to practice aparigraha we have to let go of some of the physical, emotional, and mental baggage we’ve amassed throughout our journey. That box of photos covered with dust that we stubbed our toe on every other day. We can let that go. The relationship that never really feels stable. That can go too. The beliefs and opinions and judgments. Even they must be put down. And slowly as we practice aparigraha, we begin to let go everything that hold as back. For what we realize is it is not the photos, nor is it the relationship, and neither is it the beliefs and opinions and judgments that we have been clinging to. Rather, it is our sense of self.
Another practice that will help let go everything in order to be able to see the truth is the four fold relaxation method. This method consists from four steps.
Step 1: Letting Down
The ego is keeps us locked in patterns of attitudes and behaviors. We must let down things and ideas and all of the false notions and materialistic idolatry that we have built up in modern living. We must leave off everything, good and bad.
Step 2: Giving Up
"Giving up the lower in favour of the higher." This giving up is to throw off any weakness that tends to build up tension, and to give off or let off those foolish tensions which has lead us down the road to disharmony, stress and tension. Giving up here is a positive, relaxing and evolutionary process.

Step 3: Giving In
After removing the garbage (kleshas) and keep the jewels (anything that doesn’t related to ego), we connect the action with our higher self and the good is multiply. You must realized that none of this is you, is only kleshas and chitavritis. By asking “who I am I” “who get upset?” you will get it.

Step 4: Giving Over
Giving over is a state of mind. Giving over everything to something higher than you.

Through this practice you can retrain your ego, because when you calm down the ego is deactivated for a while, and the only thing that is remain is the truth.
In yamas truth is connected with satya. The ability to be truthful no matter what. Being in tune, all bodies to be align. When what you say, what you do and what you think is in harmony. This is happiness. Use the power of your thoughts, actions and words in the direction of truth and love for yourself and others.

Sacrifice is to serve others, in any way, without any expectation. But first we have to serve ourselves in the purest sense and then the others, but without any desire for a reward for serving in return. We have the right to our livelihood, our salary and wages, but always we must give more than is given to us. Perform selfless action which will engulf you in compassion and love.
A person who spontaneously sacrifice and defies all his animal instincts, he burns karma.
In niyama sacrifice is corresponds to ”Tapas”. Tapas must be understood as discipline life. It means to have repetition, regularity and rhythm in practise, for excellent, self-discipline and self-awareness. The ability to exist in “here and now”. Only when you are living in the present you can sacrifice and go beyond your animal instincts, otherwise your mind will block you with fears for the future.
Discipline yourself in such a way that you can find points of mutual interest and agreement, and when possible, includes this points in external activity programs, so that your Tapas become a form of Karma yoga, a disciplined service to others. Accept the difficulties of life as tool to develop. It’s a way to learn, it’s a path. You must accept and respect the difficulties in order to be able to share love. Share your food, your time, your hugs, your smiles. Share your love in all the ways you can. Don’t be afraid to share love, love is endless. Through sacrifice you can be active in love. Sacrifice through discipline is when you express your love with actions.
Our ego tell as that when we sacrifice something that belongs to as, and especially when is based on our survival, is painful. But how can be painful when you sharing and offering love? Suffering is only an illusion created by the ego. Is our mind that makes us suffering. Be aware that all of our animal instincts are coming from the ego and each time we go against survival instincts we practise active karma.

Embrace simplicity in your life. Don’t collect things, emotions, believes that you don’t use. Stay simple and clean. Discipline in your body, emotions and mind in order to settle down chittavrittis. Don’t overload the stomach with food, emotions with feelings and the mind with thoughts and knowledge, because it will be very difficult to digest them. Stay simple in order to be able to absorb the positive and reject the negative.
In order to be able to stay simple we must first detached form things. We have to get rid of all unsefull material and be surrounded by a clean environment. When we are having space to breathe, then we’re likely to feel a whole lot better and clearer in our minds. 
Being simple and humble will helps you to share. Be humble don't try to be humble; that's again ego.
Less is more. When you apply simplicity in your life then you will have less things to be attached, less thoughts and less worries. Things and scenarios around you will have less impact on you, no matter how negative they are. Also you will be satisfied with what you have. You get the chance to enjoy what is present, instead of running after happiness desperately

Having painful experiences is something that we cannot avoid because pain is the instrument to evolve. We cannot choose what experience are we going to live, but how are we going to handle it is our choice. We only choose our attitude not the experience. When you experience an unpleasant fact, take the lesson and move on, keep only the lesson not the feelings. In order to be able to move on, you have to forgive.
But what is forgiveness? The Greek word translated “forgiveness” literally means “let go”. Create space inside you, be empty “Seek forgiveness of those whom you have judge. Keep your heart empty, light, open and free from all worries and grievances. Remain quiet inside your mind – Mooji”
The ego wants to travel to the past and future because ego have time. The soul only know the now and now the soul need space. Get rid of the garbage’s that ego collects in order to create space and peace will come from your soul.
First we have to take our own responsibilities of our actions. Sometimes is ourselves that we have to forgive. Is not only the others that heart us, but also is ourselves and sometimes is us that allow others to hurt us. We must forgive others and ourselves so we can move from the past to the now. To move from the ego to the soul.
When you feel that you need to forgive, then make action don’t stay on the desire, make something about it. Find a way to express it and then surrender it to something higher than you. Always do your best. Your best are going to change from moment to moment so learn from your mistakes and increase your awareness of yourself. Everything you do is because you choose to do it for a universal good and not to please others or avoid judgments. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-abuse and regret.
Our ego takes things personally. Don’t take it personally, be aware that nothing others do is because of you. We must stop making the assumption that everything is about “me”, and feeling responsible for everything around us. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream, and has nothing to do with you. Whether they offer you praise or blame – you know you are wonderful and equally know you are not a victim, so it does not matter what is said to you. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.
The goal is not to learn “how” to forgive but to come to the stage that there is nothing left to forgive from the beginning. This is active karma. Stay empty so everything could come and go immediately. 

When you forget your true Self you begin to believe that you need something outside of yourself to make you happy. Detachment is the awareness that you are not that feelings and those thoughts. All this things is not yours. Understand that change is the only constant in the universe, and realize that no matter how uncomfortable a negative feeling is, it will eventually pass.
When we are attached into things and feelings then we cannot apply God instincts. We have to be detached in order to be able to follow the middle path (shushumna).   
We are living in duality negative/positive, passive/active, sun/moon, inda/pingala. Life flows between them.
Polarity is into everything in this material world. This is how materials are made of and this mechanism is there to see it and understand it first, in order to apply it in our lives, especially on our invisible bodies.
Happy or sad, beautiful or ugly, like or dislike, faithful or unfaithful. We have the tendency to move from the one side to the other side. Be this or that. We are moving from the left side (negative), to the right side (positive). We are negative or positive. But when we are 50% negative and 50% positive, then we stop moving from side to side, we balance. And when we balance, then the movement stop going from left to right but the movement goes up. We move higher. Understand the duality and being as much positive as negative, then we are becoming in something higher than this two.
A day life example of this is the first steps of a baby. At first the baby cannot balance his weight on his two feet and he fall down. Once the baby use equally both legs and find the balance then something else is happening, he can walk. Walking is another movement, and once you get it you can go everywhere. J The same with polarity, once you balance it, you can move higher and go everywhere. J Balance IDΑ (left) and PINGALA (right) and we will get SHUSHUMNA (up)
When we stay attach to something the ego will find reasons to react, but when there is nothing to hold on, then the ego will do nothing. Follow the middle path where there are no attachments so our life can unfold effortless with grace and joy.
Detachment brings a deeper form of love, freedom, compassion and care, beyond what is readily imagined. Your life will no longer be ruled by expectations. This allows you to see things based on what is true as you won’t attach yourself to limiting mental concepts.

Accept the higher, connect with it and surrender 100%. Iswara Pranidhana is the attentiveness to God, it means learning to interpret the voice of the inner reality, the real nature, the Atman. In God there is no karma, no samskara, no chitta vrittis, nothing. So connect with that and you won’t have any of this. Listen to the voice in the quiet. Obey it instantly, without reservation.
When you have a problem which you cannot do anything about, surrender it to the higher and the solution will come by itself. Make effort and no effort, like airplanes where makes effort to lift and then fly effortless. Be aware if you did your best and the solution didn’t came, but you still hold this problem, that means is the ego there. The ego has too much pride that wants to solve the problem, as a result to stay with the problem. The soul has too much love and faithfulness to the higher, as a result to get free. The soul can surrender the ego cannot.

Let those God instincts become a natural part of you. When you embrace one God instinct then automatically you embrace them all. You will be free from your karma so you will have full control over your emotions and your mind, instead of the other way around. This form of freedom makes it possible for you to enjoy all your experiences without any form of disappointments and frustrations.

By Elena Kambanella

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