Favourite / Αγαπημένα

Μετά το Χώμα

  Όταν η ψυχή αλάφρωσε από το χώμα Έμεινε σε μια γωνιά με ημίφως Για να ορίσει τι θα κρατήσει.   Αναμνήσεις αναπάντεχες Εμπειρίε...

Popular / Δημοφηλέστερα

I am by Maro Papamichael

photo by Eleni Cosma 

I am in the womb
The body is ready
It pushes through
It cries, it breathes
It cries when hungry
It cries when wet
It cries with pain
It’s given a name
It sees, it hears
it smells, it tastes
the gifts that life
beholds for it
It’s taught to speak
It’s taught the world
the world of names
It laughs, it cries
It’s happy, it’s sad
It loves, it hates
It grows apart
from inner “I am”
It fears, it’s lost
does not belong
It envies, it wants
It harms, it wrongs
creatures big
and creatures small
the earth, it’s home
itself, of course
The mind controls
The ego grasps
It strives, it seeks
contentment to last
It suffers until
it’s forced to see
the being within
It suffers until
it’s forced to see
the world of names
for what it is :
illusion of life
Connecting with
“I am” that was
in wombs of past
Who knows how many
are yet to come.


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