Favourite / Αγαπημένα

Μετά το Χώμα

  Όταν η ψυχή αλάφρωσε από το χώμα Έμεινε σε μια γωνιά με ημίφως Για να ορίσει τι θα κρατήσει.   Αναμνήσεις αναπάντεχες Εμπειρίε...

Popular / Δημοφηλέστερα

Lifted by Daniel Plackett

photo by Eleni Cosma 

For all who haul their bodies,
We are the ones who left the sea
We crawled our way out
Our legs were fins then,
Our bodies weighed us down
Our eyes pulled us up.
I was there , we were all there
We have been raising ourselves up
From the first sound From first light , from dust ,
From the ocean , in the first drop
Τhe dream was made.
Through this body I am lifted
Cell by Cell
Star by Star
Lifted by the Fish, the Fern, Crocodile and Dinosaur
Hydrogen and Nitrogen
The Helix and it’s Fossils
I am lifted
All that I am before
Now lifted In all these deaths,
I rise
To stand on the seashore
In this body
My hands above my head
To give my inheritance
To the ones who will No longer crawl
I was there
We were all there
When we heard the call
Salt water slips
From this body of mine
And I move further in Leaving behind the crashing waves and these footprints now fading in the sand.


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