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The claim by Eleni Cosma

...A plea from the soul to the ego

photo by Laura Iacovides 

You may take your day in all it’s glory
Rising with each translucent delight
You may relish in your never ending story
And riddle yourself with gut-wrenching fright.
But do not forget at the end of the day,
That I have a right to the night.

You may wrestle with your conscience
As complexity yields its pointless web,
And before my unmoving presence
Make your resting bed,
But as you lay down your head
Do you truly fail to witness -
That which will live on once you are dead...?

For I see you rise to claim my silence;
Give me but moments of this now
If you could stop enough to hear me -
But on and on you plough
All I can do within this cage
Is urge you to remember
As you battle with sickness, love, rage -
That deep below the embers
Of your crumbling theatre stage;
I too have claim to make
I too -
Allow me just this silence now,
I take.
Nothing more.

I beg you -
Hear the urgency I cannot possess.

For this claim will save you too -
For I... am... you.

 Eleni Cosma

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